Can Breathing Exercises Help You Lose Weight?

Learning how to breathe more naturally, the way our bodies were designed to breathe, can have a powerful influence on our overall health, including our metabolism. Depending on the kinds of problems we have, better, more authentic breathing can influence the amount of exercise we get, the way we feel about ourselves, the kinds of food we eat, the amount of energy we have, and so on. All of this can result in losing (or even gaining) weight naturally and appropriately.

Breathing exercises undertaken directly to lose weight, however, even when they might be effective in the short term, can cause many problems for the future. Our breath is an incredible gift, a fundamental force that  has subtle interrelationships with all the different sides of ourselves–body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In my opinion, using forceful breathing activities and exercises as a shortcut to lose weight can not only have a negative impact on our breathing in the long term, but can also disharmonize these interrelationships and lead to serious physical, psychological, and spiritual problems for the future.

Copyright 2015 by Dennis Lewis

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