Natural Breathing: Teachings and Exercises for Health and Self-Transformation

Natural Breathing Audio Program

Natural Breathing Audio Program

This audio program by Dennis Lewis, author of the highly acclaimed book The Tao of Natural Breathing and Free Your Breath, Free Your Life, is produced by Sounds True, the premier producer of audios and videos for the inner life. The program includes a comprehensive overview of the anatomy of breathing and the meaning of full natural breathing, as well as a progressive series of awareness and breathing exercises and meditations.

Work along with Dennis Lewis as you learn to open up the basic breathing spaces of your body, including your belly, lower back, lower ribs, back, spine, and chest. Dennis will also guide you through fundamental awareness and self-sensing exercises and several powerful breathing meditations oriented toward health, healing, and self-transformation. These meditations include: Following Your Breath, The Cleansing Breath, Spacious Breathing, The Smiling Breath, and The Unconditioned Breath.

Natural Breathing, formerly called Breathing as a Metaphor for Living, which includes material from The Tao of Natural Breathing, as well as a number of new exercises and practices, distills the essence of a lifework, leading you step by step through body, mind, and spirit to discover your own authentic breath. Richly interlaced with meditations and exercises, this one-of-a-kind presentation will leave you breathing–and living–more fully than you ever thought possible.

Natural Breathing: Teachings and Exercises for Health and Self-Transformation, by Dennis Lewis

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