Awakening Experiences

This page, now being developed, will recount some of the awakening experiences I’ve had over the years, some from the Gurdjieff Work, some from elsewhere.

Welcoming the Truth

“I had been involved with the San Francisco Gurdjieff Foundation for three or four years, and I had gone to New York from San Francisco to take part in some special work activities there: group meetings, sacred dances, meditation, physical labor, and much more. Lord Pentland, who had worked with both P.D. Ouspensky and G.I. Gurdjieff and was the president of the New York Gurdjieff Foundation, invited me to his home outside the city before the organized events began, as he often did. …”

Inner Freedom

“There are many people who assume that spiritual work is mostly of the mind. One can go to satsangs, spiritual talks, and other such events and hear inspiring words about presence, self-realization, love, egolessness, non-duality, and so on. At such events, one will invariably notice the affirmative nods and smiles of most of the listeners, who clearly like what they hear. If, however, one consciously (or unconsciously) steps on the corns of some of the people attending such events, one quickly sees that not all is as it seems. …”

Exposed by a Tie

“I had been in the Gurdjieff Work in San Francisco for a few years when I suddenly realized, in a very deep way, that I wished to be one of those few people who read at the end of the Sunday workday and Beelzebubā€™s Tales on Thursday evenings. I said nothing to anyone about this realization. …”

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