Wishful Thinking or Something Else?

One day a friend of the famed Mulla Nasreddin saw him at the edge of a huge lake spooning something from a small container and stirring it enthusiastically into the water at his feet. As his friend watched in puzzlement, the Mulla went on like this tirelessly for many hours. Finally, unable to restrain himself any longer, his friend blurted out, “Mulla, what on earth are you doing?” With a serious expression, the Mulla replied, “I’m trying to make yoghurt.” His friend, in utter disbelief, loudly proclaimed, “but Mulla, you can’t make yoghurt that way.” With a big smile, the Mulla replied, “I know, but just supposing it works!”

(My retelling of a well-known Mulla Nasreddin story)

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