Reviews: Free Your Breath, Free Your Life

“This is by far the most compelling and complete book on breathing I’ve ever read. It is ‘must’ reading for everyone who is interested in optimal health.”–Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause.

“It is extremely difficult to write well and truly about the healing role of breathing both in our everyday life and on the way to great self-knowledge. Dennis Lewis succeeds through a rare combination of clear-headed, practical thought and spiritual sensitivity.”—Jacob Needleman, author of The American Soul.

“Dennis Lewis has a deep understanding of the central importance of breathing, in both its physical and spiritual dimensions—as the breath of life and the breath of the spirit. This book is a practical and inspiring guide to opening yourself to the larger energies of life through the medium of the breath. Highly recommended!”—John Welwood, author of Toward a Psychology of Awakening.

“… covers the territory very well, providing an abundant array of benefits. Equally useful for breath-aficionados and for professionals.”—Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., author of Conscious Breathing and Breathing Ecstasy.

…the most conscious book on breathing that I’ve read. It can breathe you back into Being. I highly recommend it.”—Leonard Laskow, MD, author of Healing with Love.

“Lewis teaches us how to assess our breathing and provides practical tools to help us learn to breathe better and create a healthier balance in our everyday lives. He makes clear that how we breathe reflects who we are and the manner in which we express ourselves–physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone who wishes to improve his or her health and vitality through the breath.”—Len Saputo, M.D., coeditor of Boosting Immunity: Creating Wellness Naturally.

“This wonderful book offers a delightful and innovative path to the most profound truth, shared by the world’s greatest healing traditions: the way through any trauma, stress, illness, or injury is to first put attention on the breath. The reader will not only understand through Dennis’ inspired writing, but get to experience through numerous excellent, practical exercises how conscious and authentic breathing is the gateway to enhanced health and vitality.”—Meg Jordan, PhD, author of The Fitness Instinct and founder and editor of American Fitness Magazine.

“Aerodynamically powerful, attentively worked, and hones to the most resonant Essential. Our sailing toward the Absolute needs a true sailor’s lore of the sacred winds of the breath. Here you have it.”—David Hykes, founder of the Harmonic Choir and composer of Hearing Solar Winds.

“This is a truly inspiring and informative book. It is a master breath worker’s book for those who wish to attain breath—and thus self—mastery.”—Dr. Joy Manne, author of Soul Therapy, editor of The Healing Breath: a Journal of Breathwork Practice, Psychology and Spirituality (

“Dennis Lewis is a colleague, teacher, author, poet, and dedicated student of the breath and breathing. Free Your Breath, Free Your Life is not just a good book—it is a great book. It is required reading for all my students attending the Optimal Breathing School. It should be required reading for everyone.”—Michael Grant White, Executive Director,

“a very comprehensive and also practical guide to Breathing and Breath. … essential reading for anyone using the breath as a means of self-exploration and daily practice.”–Robert Moore, Editor, Breathe Magazine.

“I offered my views on wellness in a long blog last week. I revealed that I’d bought the Whole Act about the importance of good breathing practices. (Wow do they work, on the fly, in stressful situations! And the great news—you always have it with you! Your breath, that is.) At any rate I have discovered a brilliant book on the topic, the best I’ve read so far. Namely, Free Your Breath, Free Your Life, by Dennis Lewis (Shambhala, 2004). No dogmatism. No mysticism. Practical, do-able practices. TP: Learn to breathe! Get a life!”–Tom Peters (Tom Peters, well-known business guru, is the author of many books. This review appeared in the Tom Peters Tuesday Edition, July 30, 2004; click here to read the review.)

“… many wonderful breathing and meditation practices. … the author draws upon his extensive experience with both qigong and inter-personal work to guide the reader through the many and varied aspects of working with the breath. This book is a highly valued guide for anyone interested in using their own breath in order to attain mastery over their own life.”–The Empty Vessel: A Journal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice (Summer 2004).

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