Reviews: Natural Breathing

(Formerly available only on cassettes under the title Breathing as a Metaphor for Living.)

“Suppose you wanted only one tape about breathing that gave you everything, good explanations on how breathing works with a variety of good graded exercises so that you can develop your breathing, and all of that spoken to you in a voice that is agreeable to listen to. Well, this is your set of cassettes.

Lewis explains the fundamental relationship of how we breathe to how we live. The relationship between our breathing and our state of consciousness is fundamental. He is straight forward: doing breathing exercises is not enough: we have to educate our perceptions and develop a new way of thinking. He gets rid of mythology: there is no one ‘correct’ way to breathe.

Breath language is a theme that has interested me over the years. Lewis explains that anger results in shallow in and out breaths, grief in spasmodic breathing, guilt in restricted breathing; boredom in shallow, lifeless breathing, and so forth.

The exercises are excellent. We are especially advised that we cannot truly inhale unless we can fully exhale.

These cassettes are useful for anyone interested in Breathwork. All breathwork and breathing work professionals, whether they work in Rebirthing, Conscious Breathing Techniques, Breathing Work (remedial breathing) or teach meditation can suggest them to their clients to work with. The first part of the exercises on Side Three are an excellent way to introduce Vipassana breathing practices as they are so helpful in teaching the necessary breath awareness which is so difficult for so many people.

There are diagrams of how breathing functions.” … –Joy Manné, PhD, May, 2002, The Healing Breath: A Journal of Breathwork Practice, Psychology, and Spirituality

“Lewis offers several simple techniques designed to return us to ‘natural breathing,’ and in the process ‘re-member’ our natural selves. He begins with a detailed account of the mechanics of breathing; the physical, psychological, and spiritual consequences of poor breathing; and the many benefits of natural breathing, which is an ‘open door’ to both material and spiritual realms. The two background sessions are especially good. The body and breath exercises in session three help cultivate self-awareness. Session four includes five meditations. The awareness exercises are pretty simple and probably most useful to beginners, while the meditations will appeal to all levels of students.”–Yoga Journal (March/April 1999)

” … an excellent introduction to a very important and basic practice, presented in a gentle and thorough manner. It doesn’t matter whether you practice taiji, qigong, meditation or none of the above. [These tapes] can help you become more aware of your breath, more in control of your breath, and show you how such a simple act can have far reaching effects throughout your life.”–The Empty Vessel (Winter 1999)

“‘Breath is life.’ So the saying goes, and author Dennis Lewis expands the listener’s awareness of the powerful health benefits of full breath. Breathing has not only a physical dimension, but also a metaphysical and spiritual one. Just as there is a personal aspect to breath, there is a communal one, as we all share the same oxygen with everyone who has ever lived. The first cassette of this program examines the anatomy and physiology of breathing; the second cassette contains extensive exercises and meditations to improve the listener’s breathing and expand his/her awareness of the importance of full breath. This informative, highly focused audio program looks not only at the mechanics of breath, but at the potential for breath to enhance quality of life.”– C.S. © AudioFile 2001, Portland, Maine

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