An Experiment In Freeing Your Mind

One way to free your mind is to learn how to think. To learn how to think requires the active use of your attention. You will need to see how much of what you call thinking is just the habitual, associative movement of words and concepts through your mind.

As an experiment, try counting slowly and silently in the following way and in an even rhythm: 1, 100; 2, 99; 3, 98; 4, 97; and so on until you reach 100, 1. Doing so as you walk can be a big help, counting one number with each step.

As you count, notice all the the so-called thoughts, more accurately referred to as associations, that come uninvited and automatically into your mind. Can you keep the count going? If you lose track of where you are, start over. In addition to helping you see yourself more clearly, this simple exercise will help strengthen your attention and free your mind.

Copyright 2013-15 by Dennis Lewis

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