Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up In the Spiritual Marketplace

Lord Have MurphyFran Shaw recently sent me a hard copy of this marvelous book. We read some passages from the book in a recent Sunday group meeting, and everyone loved it. It helped open, in funny and unusual ways, many deep questions about the meaning and power of attention in the process of awakening. The book includes more than 40 amazing drawings by Bruce M. Sherman.

“We hear a lot these days about mindfulness. ‘Weapons of mass instruction are proliferating.’ How to clear the air? To trust what’s in us and that we’re finding our way to it. With unrelenting humor, Murphy gives it a try, only to discover in himself an extraordinary truth: that contact with the finer energy animating us awakens us to a completely different level of being alive.” (From the Amazon write up)

“Fran Shaw is the author of multiple non-best-sellers and a professor of philosophistry at Thereisno U.” (From the jacket cover).

I recommend that you only get Lord Have Murphy if you’re willing to laugh (especially at yourself)!

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