Thinking In Absolutes Is Not Thinking At All

So many people like to think in absolutes–right or wrong, good or evil, all or nothing, positive or negative, everything is possible or nothing is possible, and so on. Do you know why? Because thinking in absolutes is not thinking at all; it is believing. And many people would much prefer to believe than to think.

Thinking is hard work. To think means to question, to ponder, to look honestly inside and out, to explore the different subtleties of levels and dimensions, to examine causes and effects, to explore the connections between things, to see from a larger perspective. Thinking is the primary way we humans have to look for the truth and adapt to what we discover.

To be sure, our feelings and sensations provide much of the material we need for thinking, as well as much of the energy we need to do so, but they are no substitute for thinking itself. Whereas sensation helps to anchor us energetically in the present moment, and feeling gives value to what we are experiencing, thinking, when it is impartial, lets us move beyond the constraints of the moment and helps throw light on the whole situation.

Copyright 2015 by Dennis Lewis 

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