Questioning Your Starting Point

Indra's NetDepending on your original premise(s), your original assumption(s), you can make a convincing argument for almost anything. People promoting their own particular brand of psychology, politics, religion, spirituality, and so on do so all the time.

What few people do today, however, is question their starting point, which is most often just an infinitesimal point in the vast unknown multi-dimensional spectrum of Indra’s net, the incomprehensible wholeness that both embraces and reveals us.

On the surface, deep inquiry, deep questioning, is difficult work. It seems to be far easier to spin webs of suggestibility and belief and try to catch ourselves and others in them. When we begin to open our minds and hearts, however, we realize that deep inquiry and questioning are as natural and beneficial as breathing itself, which, of course, is happening right now.”

Copyright 2016 by Dennis Lewis

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