The Words We Use

The words we use–and how we use them–have consequences, whether for better or for worse. I see and hear people (we’ve all done it, haven’t we?) begin a conversation about a particular issue with bitter or provocative words (in the name of ‘truth’) that create the turmoil and negativity that follow.

This generally happens when the speaker or writer loses sight of the larger context of the complexities and interrelationships involved in the issue, or doesn’t know how to express or evoke it, and others react to this from only a small emotional part of themselves. It is the larger context of wholeness, remembering that almost all of us wish for the manifestation of the good, of love and beauty, of fairness and justice, of intelligence, of consciousness and conscience in ourselves and others, that is most needed to carry on a creative exchange.

The study of the words we use, both spoken and written, and how we use them is a fascinating one! We can learn much about ourselves through simply listening. And the listening itself helps us awaken.

Copyright 2016 by Dennis Lewis

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