A Beautiful and Creative Act

Think of all the famous and awe-inspiring quotes passed back and forth through the worldwide web that connects so many of us. As some of them pass through your awareness notice how and where they touch you or when they help awaken something in you that has been dormant.

It’s helpful also to write something from yourself, from your own practices, efforts, impressions, and insights, and offer it to others. Of course, some won’t understand your intention or what you say, or will purposely misinterpret it to make their own point, or won’t listen to you at all, but so what? That is their problem, not yours.

To say or write something as best you can not from your beliefs but from your experiential knowledge and understanding, without reacting to someone else’s words, is a beautiful and creative act. It means that you have to actively open to what is true in you right now and discover a way to express it. You will learn much by doing so.

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