Do You Create a Negative Atmosphere Around Yourself?

Some people create a negative atmosphere around them by frequently expressing their anger and other negative thoughts and emotions. This atmosphere, this energy field, affects them and everyone near them and, like a magnet, attracts even more negativity into their lives. Such people often have ready-made excuses for expressing themselves in this way, perhaps not realizing how toxic their negative thoughts and emotions are for all concerned.

If you are one of these people, if you find yourself constantly criticizing, complaining, and being sarcastic, the first step to real change is to become aware of this toxicity. To facilitate such awareness, it’s often a big help to experiment with not expressing your negativity to others. It’s also helpful to experiment with not expressing your negativity, including your excuses for it, to yourself. Remember, though, that resisting the expression of your negativity is simply an experiment, not a moral imperative. Try it with the next person with whom you are angry or upset. And, as you experiment, be sure to stay in touch with your breathing. This will help anchor you in the present.

Also, what’s important here is not to try to suppress your negativity or hide from it, but to fully sense and feel it, as well as its effects, at the energetic level, while resisting either outward expression or inner justification. Though experimenting in this way will not be easy, it can be very transformative, helping you to learn much about yourself.

Copyright 2016 by Dennis Lewis

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