Stop Trying to Erase What You Don’t Like

I was in a weekend art class with Mrs Nyland, Willem Nyland’s wife, at the San Francisco Gurdjieff Foundation many years ago. As I was drawing, not very well in my estimation, she came over to me and strongly suggested that I stop erasing, or trying to erase, what I didn’t like and just move on, accepting how I manifested. A painful but great lesson in conscious living!

My wife and I were talking recently about the fact that many people say that if only they could live their lives over again, they would change this and that and so on and so forth. What an illusion! The fact is, though I might be tempted, there’s nothing that I would change (even if I could), for everything has brought me to exactly this moment with riches I never imagined! And now, moving toward the end of my life on this planet, I do indeed accept my life–all of it, including not just the great beauty and love, but also the confusion, pain, and suffering.

Copyright 2014-17 by Dennis Lewis

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